“Creating a movement for kindness, consciousness and radical self acceptance”








Nurturing Growth Trading, is a leading and professional coaching, training and leadership development company. It has distinguished itself through:


Its ability to integrate and coach many aspects of individual, team and broader leadership effectiveness. We do this through offering leadership and personal development coaching, Enneagram personality style typing and teaching, conflict management and managing complex conversations around diversity, general team building, facilitation and self-awareness (EQ development) training.

  • OUR History

    NGT was born during 2006 out of a passion to contribute positively towards South Africa’s transformation.


    A decade later, and we have grown into a reputable and professional coaching and training company. Since 2006, we have served over 80 companies and not-for-profit organisations, with a total of 10 being long term clients. We had been and continue to facilitate the Workplace Effectiveness Mentoring Training Programme at the South African Reserve Bank since 2008. The founding member, Alicia S Pieterse, has personally coached on average about 100 senior leaders over the last decade.




    We are a group of qualified and highly experienced Executive Coaches, Facilitators and Trainers who are passionate about unlocking human potential. We believe in the intrinsic worth of each person we work with. We skillfully craft a journey of positive change and transformation, which in turn results into deepened relationships; greater self-awareness and improved leadership capabilities.


    Certified and Professional Leadership Coaches


    As professional Coaches, we are dedicated to making each client and team we work with feel seen, heard and understood.



Nurturing Growth Trading inspires individuals and teams to live with joyful purpose and profound self-understanding.



Through its coaching and facilitation interventions, Nurturing Growth Trading provides clarity of mind, improved health, higher productivity, greater self-awareness and lasting joy to its clients.


Unique Value Proposition


Through deep coaching; deep listening, attuned presence, and deep skill, we nurture individual and team potential towards optimum productivity.


“Letting go of control and saying yes to this moment; saying yes to yourself, is the secret to your joy.”  - Alicia S Pieterse

Areas of Expertise

NGT Services:


We use an integrated model, exploring thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns together, as we co-create the best outcome for each client. We are a team of committed and experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators, and provide the following services:

Executive, Business; Personal Transformation & Leadership Coaching.

Provide self-awareness training and Personality profiling Assessments: for individuals and teams.

Executive TEAM Coaching: provide team coaching to middle-management and senior teams towards creating more productive and self-aware leaders.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Provide Change & Diversity Management Facilitation (using deep democracy processes).

Systems theory and analysis: provide organisational diagnostics and with targeted and focused solutions.

Provide Leadership and Personal Transformation Seminars for youth, women and the general public.

Change Management Processes: We support companies with their change management strategies and in doing so, focus on leadership development.

Facilitate Process Facilitation: Provide Meaningful Conversations and Self-Discovery workshops.

  • 1. PLATINUM PREMIUM COACHING PACKAGE | Personal development and transformation

    Theme: Become the true leader of your life and live an inspired life.


    “The day you plant your seed is not the day that you pick your fruit.” - Bill Baren


    This is an 18 month investment, after which time you will notice a remarkable change in your whole life. You will experience amazing transformation and radical positive changes at work; in your financial reality; your relationships will have deepened and you will like yourself better.  On offer, 16 sessions of 90 minutes each. One session per month. Missed sessions can be made up via Skype.

  • 2. The Golden Coaching Package | Personal Development and Business Coaching

    Theme: Be happy and enjoy greater clarity of mind, flow and productivity.


    “The day you plant your seed is not the day that you pick your fruit.” - Bill Baren


    This is a 12 month investment, consisting of 10 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes long.

    Missed sessions can be made up via Skype.

Benefits of Working with Nurturing Growth Coaches/ Facilitators

We walk our talk and belief in the value of personal development and the importance of self-mastery. We use the Enneagram as an assessment tool and through this system, clients learn to understand themselves better, how to relate well to others and how to be more productive in the workplace and in the social arena. This is a powerful tool for building high functioning teams and for developing greater self-awareness.


We work deeply with diversity, as individuals and teams soon discover how much they have in common, based on personality patterns, as opposed to focusing on superficial differences such as race, gender, etc. Our coaching and facilitation style is supportive, and we listen deeply.

We hold the space for people to explore; participate; learn and grow, and move individuals and teams into the possibility of their goals. We work with the full range of the mind-body-emotive intelligence and support people in growing beyond their potential.


As seasoned leaders, our competitive advantage is our ability to inspire and to facilitate individuals and teams’ unique change journeys. We transform organizational systems and provide sustainable solutions that unlock unique potential. We facilitate sustained, positive changes as we offer critical self-management skills, tools, and methods.  Clients report great satisfaction from having worked with the Nurturing-Growth team.

Our impact: Creating personal effectiveness and attaining leadership potential through personal self-mastery.




Alicia S Pieterse

(BA Social Work.  MA Theology)

Certified Deep Coach Professional.  (CDCP)

Leadership Coach.  ACMC-ISNS

Professional facilitator.

Certified Enneagram Teacher

I hold a BA Social Work degree and Masters in Theology; am a Certified Meta-Coach, a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition as well as one of only 3 Certified Deep Coach Professionals on the African continent. I have had the privilege of being trained by world-class teachers such as Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder (the former president of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon); Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD of the Enneagram Worldwide; Roxanne Howe Murphy. EdD (the founding member of the Deep Coaching Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the author of Deep Living); Ginger Lapid Bogda (Ph.D.) an internationally recognized Enneagram author, trainer and coach. L Michael Hall.  PhD.  ISNS Executive Director. Russ Hudson, Enneagram teacher and author of the Wisdom of the Enneagram.


“Letting go of control and saying yes to the moment; and saying yes to yourself, is the secret to your joy.” #DeepCoach Alicia


I am the managing Director of Nurturing-growth Trading, managing a team of 10 Coaches and Trainers.


As a qualified Deep Coach Practitioner, I coach with mindful presence and invite all my clients into a non-judgmental inquiry, exploring thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns together. I work with a special focus on developing personal leadership styles, and towards cultivating greater self-mastery. This leads to improved health and well-being, greater clarity of mind and improved productivity as clients learn to access their inner wisdom and flow.


I’ve been coaching for over a decade.  I am a Coach Supervisor and train basic coaching skills to Managers and young Coaches. I offer annual Leadership & Personal Transformation Seminars to the general public with huge success. I develop my own training material, incorporating a variety of approaches such as NLP, Process Work, Systems Theory and the Enneagram, towards providing holistic solutions to all clients.



  • Awaken to your true worth

    I clearly remember the first day Thandi walked through our office doors. She had kind and soft eyes, spoke softly and slowly and slid far down into the coaching chair. What struck me most about her was the long silences before answering, between questions.  She answered hesitantly, looking up at the roof as if she was listening to someone else who would provide her with the right answers.


    Within minutes I realized that I would have to turn down my usual coaching pace considerably so as I relaxed into my chair, and while remaining attentive to this fascinating human being.


    With curiosity, I explored what had brought her to our offices at that particular time.  She responded and said that she had recently been appointed to the position as Manager which causes her great anxiety as she does not view herself as forceful nor domineering.  To her being the ‘boss’ meant being self-centered and domineering, whereas she had been prioritizing the needs of her team mates above that of her own. She didn’t want to be labelled as selfish should she moved into this new position and stated that, “I don’t know how to be selfish.’


    Her coaching objective was “to lead her team effectively and while finding her voice.” However, she wanted to achieve this by remaining “the same” person as she’s always been.


    She was particularly keen on maintaining her identity as a nice person.


    Thandi had defined herself as nice, sweet, kind and as a follower.  Her promotion to Manager had presented a ‘crisis’ for her as she lacked the requisite skills, insights and attitudes to move easily into this new role.  She has conflicted at the possibility that she may no longer be viewed as a nice person, should she assert herself in her new role.


    Thandi’s response is quite typical, as she was attached to the image of whom she thought she was.


    This happens to be the case for most of us.  We get attached to the image that got formed during our childhood and then we spend a great deal of time defending this image.  (OSHO)


    Our dominant personality style was formed in childhood and we subsequently and habitually respond to a particular view of who we think we are.  We do this so often, that it feels most natural.  This way of thinking and acting is known as our habitual or auto-pilot behaviour.  For instance, the chances are that we get up, in the same way, every day, following the same rituals in the same order during weekdays, sometimes wondering how we got to the workplace.  We can drive from home to work without noticing that we are driving and or noticing the road, as we do it on auto-pilot.


    I use a system called the Enneagram when I coach and train, as I find it to be most effective in explaining the underlying and automatic believe systems, which inform our behaviour patterns.


    The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system of nine personality types combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology. “Ennea” is Greek for nine and “gram” means a figure or something was drawn. It describes 9 distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. None of these is any better than any other.


    “The Enneagram is an ancient personality system that provides a framework for psychological, emotional and general well-being and helps individuals develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance and in taking personal responsibility for their behaviour.” Ginger Lapid Bogda.  The Enneagram in Business.


    “The Enneagram allows us the remarkable ability to see ourselves clearly, perhaps for the first time.”  Deep coaching using the Enneagram.  Roxanne Howe-Murphy


    The Enneagram’s primary role is to provide us with a map on our inner landscape and deeper motivations, which is critical for authentic self-discovery.


    A most useful starting point of self-awareness is the process of self-discovery by exploring the habitual patterns of our dominant personality style.


    Thandi is a type 9, also known as the Mediator and Peace-maker.


    “Type Nine:  the Peacemaker. The easy-going, self-effacing type are accepting, trusting and stable, they are good-natured, kind-hearted, easy-going and supportive, but they can also be too willing to go with others to keep the peace.  “They want everything to be without conflict, but can tend to be complacent and minimize anything upsetting. They typically have problems with passivity and stubbornness.”  The wisdom of the Enneagram.  Don R Riso and Russ Hudson


    Book your seat today and make sure that you attend the Nurturing Growth seminar that will be held on the 11 – 14th October 2016!!  We look forward to meeting you and to sharing quality time with you.


    Contact us via email thato@nurturing-growth.co.za or 010 900 4043 or 0723270300

  • A Prayer of Awakening for the New Year

    by Mark Sandlin


    Good and gracious God,


    Awaken us.


    May this new year be the year we see

    violence, oppression, hatred, hoarding, power, and privilege

    with eyes wide open.


    Aware, but not significantly motivated

    to risk our own abundance or wellbeing

    in order to make the world better for us all.


    Awaken us

    from our false assumptions that tell us

    we can continue on that way and hope to make a better world.


    Awaken us

    from our denial of the reality that

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


    Awaken us

    to the reality that

    far too many suffer from the injustice

    of not having their basic needs met,

    their fundamental human rights met;.


    In this new year,

    awaken us and encourage us

    to pursue access for all people

    to those basic human rights.


    Awaken us

    to the reality that the

    love, kindness, joy, hope, peace and grace

    that we offer to each other

    are not only the only truly valuable things in this life,

    but they are the means through which we can all work

    to create a better new year.


    So, awaken us…


    Awaken us to each other.


    Awaken us to the systemic damage

    that occurs every time even one person is abused, oppressed or marginalized.


    Awaken us to our connectedness.


    And awaken us to the possibilities already present in this new year.



  • Leadership and personal development seminar

    We are excited to announce our 4th PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR which will take place on the 11th to 13th November 2015 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, in Parktown, Johannesburg.


    My name is Alicia and I am the founder member of Nurturing-Growth Trading, (NGT) a leading and professional coaching, training and facilitation company which was established 10 years ago. I’m a qualified Executive Coach and have been coaching senior leaders and middle managers since 2005.




    Carl Jung, a renowned psychologist, states that “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” This is so true, however, most people fall into the trap of merely following old and familiar behaviour patterns, which often result in stuck-ness, low energy levels and even unproductivity.


    ‘If you feel stuck in your life, and want to move forward, start by examining your motivations and intentions…ask yourself, “How have my intentions (and actions) produced the experiences I have now? As you make choices that honour who you are, you’ll get exactly what life intended for you – the chance to reach your greatest potential.’ Oprah Winfrey


    It is most common for most of us to sometimes lose ourselves and to get off track, to forget about our dreams, and to live life as we’ve always done, meaning that our tomorrows will be the same as our yesterdays. We can get distracted or despondent when our intentions are so clear, but somehow we get the opposite results from what we had hoped to get.


    Our auto-pilot (ie acting without thinking) way of living lulls us to sleep. And when we fall asleep to our lives, we fall asleep to our intrinsic and precious worth, we fall asleep to our deepest needs and desires, and most importantly, we fall asleep to our unique creativity and gifts.


    This seminar offers a road-map and method to learning how to manage your unique personality style, which will in turn lead to you making more conscious and empowering choices.


    The Seminar is based on 2 pillars: the first one is a deeper understanding of your personality style and the second one is that of mindfulness. Mindfulness is based on the principles of self-kindness and self-compassion and on the practice of self-observation and being present in the moment. It is most useful in supporting you when you start working with the strengths and limitations of your unique and dominant personality style.




    It is magical when we learn how to recognise the familiar behaviour patterns of each personality style and when we learn how to manage them. This is what you will discover at the seminar.


    Make a date with yourself and come to the Nurturing Growth Trading seminar in November and explore the method towards managing your unique personality style patterns and begin to step into living your desired life.




    Register today and ensure that you get an appointment with a professional and qualified Enneagram Teacher who will support you in discovering your dominant personality style even before the seminar starts.


    Watch this space as all the seminar news will be announced here. Do visit our website at www.nurturing-growth.co.za to read more about the Nurturing-Growth coaching method.


    Register today and make sure that you attend the next seminar that will be held on the 11th – 13th November 2015!!


    We look forward to meeting you and to sharing quality time with you. Contact us via email thato@nurturing-growth.co.za or 010 900 4043 or 072 327 0300 For more details follow this link http://nurturing-growth.co.za/service-on-offer/leadership-and-personal-development-seminars/


    Online Enneagram personality type assessments: https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/ https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/discover/

  • Blogs from Alicia’s clients



    Last night we sat and talked

    So, we have talked and apparently “resolved” our issues.


    But, why do I still feel so terrible? Why do I still feel this way?

    Can I stay in this place where I still feel so unhappy.

    This place where I am made to feel not good enough.

    This place where I feel that there is a complete disregard for my feelings.

    A place where my contributions are minimised and disregarded.

    This space where I feel so unloved and undervalued.

    Can I really stay in this “not good enough space”?


    This space where I am made to constantly question myself.

    To question myself about my beauty, my attractiveness and my lovability.

    Yes, this space. This place of constant criticism.

    This place where I am constantly bombarded with arrows of negative feedback.

    This space where I am frequently leaking wounds of unkind and uncaring words.

    Yes, words that feel like emotional stabbing.



    Can I really survive another week, month, year?

    Can I really afford to spend the rest of my life on earth in THIS PLACE?


    LENDAWO, where I am constantly walking on egg shells fearing another emotional slap. Impama yentliziyo.

    This unkind space where my weaknesses are thrown at me on a daily basis.

    This unforgiving space where my weaknesses and previous failures are written all around.

    Here where if I falter, I get reminded of all my previous mistakes.

    Here where I AM my weaknesses.

    In this space where I am given labels based on my mistakes, faults and limitations.

    You are forgetful, you are not attractive, you were like an old woman, ha wo mosadi,



    Yes. This place, LENDAWO where I constantly spend my time and energy trying to measure up and please.

    Here, where I am constantly alert, trying to shut down the criticism by trying to be better.

    Here, where I have no peace.

    Here, where my feelings about my sense of worth, my lovability, my capability, my peace is dependent on another’s feedback.

    This space where I crave for a word of love and kindness from another in order to feel loved, appreciated, beautiful and worthy.


    How did I get here? LENDAWO

    I gave power to another human being to define my experience of this space.

    I wanted them to make me feel loved, beautiful, worthy, useful and capable.

    How I feel about myself and what I do was dependent on another’s moods, wants and perspectives.


    I have made myself a prisoner of this space.

    I have built the walls of this prison.

    I have allowed the writings in the walls to stay.

    I have placed the mirror that only reflects what the other says and does.

    I have accepted them as the truth of who I am.

    I have taken another’s woundedness as my truth.


    YES. I have created this PLACE. I DID.

    And, NO! NO! I will not stay in this space any longer!

    I am the warder of this prison and I have the keys.

    I am opening the doors and setting myself free.

    I am destroying this prison.

    I am rebuilding a new space.


    A space where I know I am loved, loveable, worthy, capable, beautiful, attractive and useful.

    I WILL do what feeds me. Makes me feel beautiful.

    I will appreciate myself.

    I will not let my weaknesses and faults define who I am.

    I will learn from them but they are not me.

    I am creating a new space and a new experiences.




    By NGT client: NM



    I have been on a very uncomfortable journey in the last two weeks. My coach told me I needed to feel more (huh, I thought I did that all the time?????). So I decided I would spend more time in my heart space than I would normally spend in my headspace. Oh my, it has been a very tough space to explore. I have learnt a number of things as I painfully trod this road. Things I had never noticed before yet they existed. Feelings I never knew could be so overwhelming and yet I have to stay put and explore the full circle. In that light, I felt it would be noble to share two aspects of my journey with you, exploring my headspace and my heart space.


    My HEAD Space


    In my head exist a world that I love because it has to do with me and thinking what I want to feel, hear, do and all sorts. It is all about problem solving, strategizing, comfort thinking and ensuring that things make sense for me and buttress me from the many realities I live as a growing leader at many levels. My headspace is where I spend most of my time planning, scrutinizing, reflecting and the worst -hearing my inner critic make a mess of me. Actually it is the paralyzing effects of this my inner critic that made me so desperately want to explore what it is like to spend more time in my heart space. It is much easier to think but even more fun to feel I am growing to learn. Using that left logical side of my brain is commendable but that right more feeling and creative space is proving exciting. Recently we made a HUGE investment as a family and as quickly as we had done the investment I was back in my head planning for the next steps. My husband on the other hand was excited and reliving moments over and over again, exploring, explaining and enjoying the HUGE success. On the other hand I was already twenty steps and did not dwell much on what had happened. It was only after we had a conversation about it that I realized I needed to celebrate more and just sit with what had happened and not rush forward and be logical about it. That even inspired my heart space journey even more and as I am learning to put my inner critic in check – it is good to be logical but even better when that logic interacts with emotion. Excellent combination!


    My Heart Space


    The heart space has to do with feelings. It is about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing not just my many lived realities but also exploring those of others so we co-exist well. It is about getting to know what I feel, why and how I should explore it, using what level of force and so on. It is about discovering that it is ok to cry watching a puppy advert and yet not judge myself about being weepy (and this has nothing to do with hormones). It is also fine to be angry and yet emerge a winner because no one was screamed at or crushed during the emotion roller coaster. Even where there are casualties, there is always room to grow and not be hard on Grace because this life is a journey. It is about loving like I have never been hurt, dancing like it’s the very last song, giggling like a little girl and laughing out so loud I want to pee. Such is life with emotions being explored. It is about hurt, compassion, joy, sorrow and even inventing new words for emotions. It is never an easy journey but it’s worth every moment. In the past week, a colleague of mine went through a very difficult time losing her aunt, her mother falling sick and she just cracked under the pressure. It was quite an insightful journey being there with her, experiencing her grief, pain, joys and everything that comes with such trauma in life. It also helped me realize that yes I can actually decided to stop and feel. Spend time in my heart space and explore what I face without fear because it when i go through the full motion of feelings that, as Alicia shared, I emerge stronger and my heart trusting that no matter what i go through, i am able to take care of me and live life like it is the last day. I have started this heart space journey and will continue on it with the many waves and currents that exist. Am loving it and hope this will inspire you. Lets raise our hearts to feeling!

  • The new year – 2013

    Hello everybody,


    Here we are again, at the start of another New Year. Hopefully, we can still remember our holiday and we can still hear ourselves think and feel the beating of our hearts as we proceed with the year’s activities.


    As I reflect back on the holiday, I become aware of the different outcomes people get when they live their lives purposefully and as opposed to when they don’t. It seems like most people live on auto-pilot mode, ie living reactively, as they merely try to survive and make it through each day. I am amazed at how many people live this way and actually believe that there is no other way. It turns out that when they get beaten up by life – they readily blame either their mothers, or their (lousy) spouses, or their children or the universe. Instead of self-reflecting and taking even just 10% responsibility; they blame… only then to continue with the same kind of thinking and behavior that created the problems in the first place. No wonder they always end up in front of the fist, getting beaten up by life, and not getting their dreams met — wondering why life is so unkind to them.


    I invite you to pause for a moment and to contemplate what it will take to live at just a slightly higher level than the year before. Commit to some “me time” and critically assess your best results of the year before and be honest about those less than shining moments. Reflect on the role you played in creating those disastrous outcomes — some of us strayed away from our marital vows, some of us lost our temper and engaged in violent fights; some of us refused to forgive and continue to infuse our bodies with resentment toxins; others failed to prioritise their health and didn’t manage to walk around the block a mere ten times out of a total of 365 days; yet others continued to live in fear and have yet to push their boundaries towards new experiences. The list goes on and on of how we continue to engage in the same low level activities, informed by our compulsions and yet, every year we make New Year’s resolutions in isolation of higher, stretch goals. No wonder they fade away by the third week in January.


    I invite you to prioritise some “me time” and to reflect on the best life you deserve; ask yourself what it will take to have that life. What role can you can play in creating that life and then identify merely 3 stretch goals that you will work on this year in order to start living that life. Dream or imagine how fantastic it will be to eventually have some spare cash after you’ve paid that second credit card up; how liberating it would be to participate fully in the boardroom discussions instead of merely blending in with the wall paper. Imagine pushing your boundaries and finally asking your boss for a meeting so that you can have that difficult conversation that you’ve been putting off for months! A quick tip – It is often the mere thought of a difficult conversation that is more paralyzing that the actual interaction.


    What will it take to exceed your own expectations this year? Promise yourself not to embark on any significant project until you have FIRST committed yourself, to yourself, and to your continuous growth.


    Go forth and “infuse your life with higher quality thoughts, habits and states that will usher in a higher quality life experience!”


    Tip no 1: Our struggles are generally in 3 areas of life: health, relationships and money. Identify the area that needs the most attention and formulate a stretch goal in that area. Go ahead and do the same for the other neglected parts of your life.


    Tip 2: “One of the principles of success is a commitment towards consciously creating your best life. Rather than wait for fate, destiny or luck to come along, believe that whatever it is; you can make it happen.”


    Tip 3: Pay attention to how you DO your life and notice when you have fallen back onto your old patterns. Have a conscious conversation with yourself, or with a professional such as a coach or psychotherapist, and recommit to your best life as you identify your FIRST, next, RIGHT step.


    Best wishes as you embrace your higher self.



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