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Leadership coaches who grow and empower leaders; and support them in becoming efficient, agile and productive. With the Nurturing Growth Trading intervention model, we identify, assess and address clients’ pain points, dysfunctional systems and broken relationships. The Nurturing Growth way of working is to build psychological safe containers that lead to building trust, ensuring that all voices are equally heard, and producing a sense of belonging. We create workplace effectiveness and grow leaders by providing psychological safety in a nurturing environment.


To unlock the leadership potential of all our clients.


To inspire individuals and teams to live with joyful self-understanding and profound purpose.


To nurture, develop and grow leaders for improved workplace effectiveness.


We believe in our clients’ intrinsic worth, possibility, and resourcefulness, and uphold the principles of presence, active listening, kindness, excellence, and accelerated growth

Herewith is a definition of our values, as found below.


We are attuned to our clients’ needs and give them our full attention.

Active Listening

We build empathetic bonds with our clients through the gift of active listening, which makes our clients feel heard, seen, understood, valued, and supported.


Kindness starts with being more loving and accepting of ourselves. It includes self-care, positive self-talk, and having strong boundaries.

“Kindness is love in action.” – Margaret B. Moss.


We foster excellence by adding value to our clients in delivering efficient and effective services.

Accelerated Growth

We unleash leadership potential by developing self-awareness, advancing daily mindfulness practices, and unleashing personal, authentic power.


Our Services

Contact us today if you are ready to accelerate and partner with us in the following:


Maximizing your team’s potential through team coaching.


Unlocking your next steps and exploring your best life through one-on-one coaching.


Learning how to have meaningful conversations in addressing complex diversity challenges and managing conflict.


Becoming part of the solution and partnering with us in equipping young people for the job market, through our Workplace Effectiveness Managing Program (WEMP).


Deepening your self-awareness; accelerating your growth and optimising your teams’ performance by using Enneagram personality style assessments; coaching and EQ training.


Improving your relationships through our Team Building & Workshop Facilitation.


Accelerating your growth & accessing your highest potential by attending our Leadership Seminars and/or Master Leader Program.

“The Coach supports you in cultivating growth practices that help you connect with your awakened and loving heart in pursuit of taking purposeful, right action.”


I can go on and on about other things I have learnt through this journey, you know all the ways in which I have grown.. And it was ALL because of your dedication and unwavering commitment to see me grow. And for that, I will always be internally grateful. Yours is a calling, not just a career, and you carry it with an amazing spirit and love.

Chief Director in Govt

“When I first met Alicia, I didn’t believe her when she said that in a year’s time I’ll be a different person and I’ll feel great about myself. I didn’t believe it because after all, I am who I am with all my insecurities; burdens; self-doubt and lack of confidence. The coaching process itself, the time with Alicia is a journey – a beautiful and empowering journey where over time the pieces fall into place. It’s a year later and I feel like some-one has waved a magic wand over me, sprinkling some magic dust. I’m empowered; I’ve resolved many issues and have found my inner authority.”

SALGA Executive

I am now more self-aware and have learnt practical steps about how to work with my blindspots. My coach was a great sounding board and cheerleader. I now have the tools, skills and resources to manage my inner critic, which is true freedom! The gift of mindfulness taught me how to work with my breathe. It taught me how to be kinder to myself and these days I feel calm and confident. Thank you so much for this experience. I will not trade it for anything in the world.

Manager at USAID

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