Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Deepen your understanding of diversity, rank, power, exclusion and develop the skill of holding courageous conversations.


We support leaders to grow into their higher potential and to being more productive in the workplace. It is our belief that radical self-acceptance moves leaders away from being reactive and controlling, to being more open-minded and proactive in their actions and decision making, which leads to an inclusive and highly productive work environment.

“Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice & belonging is having that voice heard.” Liz & Mollie

Systemic racism is a form of trauma and can lead to feelings of overwhelm, immense suffering, burn-out and exclusion. This in turn, can lead to tension and conflict in the workplace.

Most leaders experience burn-out at some point in their professional careers, hence the importance of having the necessary skills and tools, as well as the relevant support.

Join the Nurturing Growth Team on their three-day training journey in DE&I and enjoy the benefits of a happier and more understanding workplace environment.

training components

Ground-rules & setting the tone.

Understanding diversity & inclusion.

Understanding rank, power & privilege.

Developing skills for holding courageous conversations.

training benefits


You will grow in self-awareness and self-understanding.


To learn self-management as to recognize and process your triggers in a healthy manner.


To deepen your understanding of what may drive your behaviours.


To become aware of the impact of your behaviour on others.


To become skilled at having difficult conversations which will enrich all your relationships.

Watch the TedX talk by Zed Xaba, one of our DE&I facilitators on how to overcome Internalised Oppression.