Enneagram Coaching 

“The Enneagram is a superb personality style tool for understanding the whole person. Combining the Enneagram with coaching expedites growth and accelerates positive shifts.”

Depth Coach Alicia


The Enneagram is an ancient personality style system that provides a framework for psychological, emotional, and general health and well-being. It helps individuals develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance and take personal responsibility for their behavior. So, instead of holding others accountable for their problems and difficulties, individuals take greater responsibility for their actions. This personality style system provides a deeper awareness of your childhood survival strategies and patterns, that you need to overcome in adulthood.

 When understanding your dominant Enneagram style, and together with curiosity, you may be able to improve your relationship with yourself, leading to self-compassion, self-control, and self-mastery.

Do watch the video below to learn more about the Enneagram.

Source: Dr Alice Wellington.  PH.D

Unlock your potential with the Enneagram

5 Steps for creating authentic power & freedom

Create sustainable change through:
Cultivating mindful self-awareness
Fostering feeling agility
Choice and meaning making: (understanding the lens that you bring to situations:- either a victim consciousness or an empowered mindset)
Understanding and managing your inner judge

Activate Your Superpower

  • Learn to control your inner bully, your saboteurs and activate your Wise Sage (WS), also known as your Authentic Self (AS). “Creating Authentic power is done decision by decision, choice by choice and step by step.” Gary Zukav. (Author: Seat of the Soul.)
  • Learn to take courageous and imperfect action, towards realising your goals and optimising your potential.
  • Regular and daily coaching practices determine your growth, peace of mind, productivity, and happiness.

    3 Centres of Intelligence

    “I am more myself these days. I’m grounded, present and more patient. I’m no longer a super woman. I allow myself to be vulnerable and I ask for help.”

    Coaching client. Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje (Zimbabwean Professional) Type 8:  Boss/ Leader.  NGO Leader

    “They (@NGT) coach with the Enneagram, and that approach forces you to be honest with yourself and about who you are. It’s the kind of labour that can make you feel uncomfortable at first, as you find things you do not expect to see or are not ready to see. Nevertheless, it has helped me to strengthen my relationships with my work team, my family, particularly my kids and my husband, and because of that, it made me a better person and a more compassionate leader.”

    Ayanda R. Senior Manager. Local Government.

    Alicia is a gem. I have worked under her coaching in professional and personal capacities. She does not export anything she has not produced herself in her own life and for this, I have no hesitation in recommending her. She is gentle yet firm. She is able to stretch you to be more self aware and give you tips and strategies to grow personally and very practically as a leader. She creates a safe space for you to just be yourself and meet you where you are in your process. I have used her services for my senior leadership team coaching, my personal coaching as well as for meeting facilitation. Feedback from team members was unanimously great. She and her team at NGT are well trained to do this work. The last thing I would say is to those who think they just want to engage her for something in the work realm… it is all related. To get yourself or your team to perform better or more efficiently you can’t avoid dealing with a deeper individual and team dynamics to get to that goal. Take the jump! It’s worth it. No question.

    Solange Baptiste Simon. International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) Executive Director


    Our Service Offering

    Enneagram personality style assessments: Complete the Enneagram personality style test and send it to Alicia@Nurturing-growth.co.za when you are ready to discover your personality style.
    Coaching with the Enneagram, a one-year program, leading to profound self-awareness and self-mastery.
    Team coaching with the Enneagram, for teams who wish to excel, improve their team spirit and optimise their potential.
    Enneagram support groups provide you with opportunities to meet your challenges by unlocking your gifts and opportunities.

    Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change

    The book that started the ‘deep’ movement with the Enneagram.

    2nd Edition with more than 40% new and updated material!

    The first edition, published in 2007, was considered ground-breaking and revolutionary.

    “We believe that this book will lay the groundwork for the growth and appreciation of both the Enneagram and coaching, showing the way toward greater excellence in both fields.” — Excerpted from the 2007 Foreword by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, Authors of the best-selling book Wisdom of the Enneagram

    Offering a radically compassionate, counter-intuitive approach to the change process, healing and growth-oriented professionals meet clients where they are and support them in experiencing that which is beyond their usual way of knowing themselves. Trusting the power of presence, coach and client alike are led to often significant outcomes that could not have been predicted.

    Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy

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