Hybrid Coaching

The authentic leader

Optimise your potential and succed at work and life

Did you know that our Early childhood experience (ECE) leads to survival patterns, limiting beliefs, and self-limiting thoughts and feelings resulting in self-sabotage and victimhood consciousness?

These issues become hindrances that hold you back, resulting in various different survival strategies. Hence it is no surprise that you either find yourself spinning your wheels, or self-sabotaging. The good news is that you are ready to change this tired old reality.

5 Steps for creating authentic power & freedom

You can create sustainable change through:


Cultivating mindful self-awareness.


Fostering feeling agility


Choice and meaning making: (understanding the lens that you bring to situations:- either a victim consciousness or an empowered mindset)


Understanding and managing your inner judge; and


Activating your super-power



12 month’s access to the authentic leadership programme (10 sessions)
Monthly, 2-hour group coach training sessions with Depth Coach Alicia, on how to grow as a person and a leader.
Biweekly, 2 hour practice support group sessions with one of Nurturing Growth Trading’s Coaches. These will be coaching practice sessions where you will share your challenges, frustrations, wins and you will practice together towards attaining your coaching results.
Ample resources will be availed to you to support your growth such as videos, coaching homework assignments.
You will be part of a private community and will receive ongoing community support, including being part of a Facebook and a WhatsApp Group. You will be paired with an Accountability Buddy as you will be walking this road together.

Bonus: Two private coaching sessions with Alicia.


With mindfulness, release stress and improve your mental and physical health.
Improve your boundaries and increase your self-esteem.
Grow in self-awareness and unlock your inner leader.
Grow as a person and a leader and influence effortlessly and
Trust yourself more and improve all your relationships.