One-to-one Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Free 40 minute complimentary coaching session on offer.


Coaching is cited as one of the best forms of accelerating personal growth and self-awareness. Nurturing Growth Trading uses an integrated coaching methodology approach. An integrated approach focuses on the business goal and the leader in their holistic context (head, heart and body) and brings about profound and lasting change.

At Nurturing Growth Trading, we believe that every person has the seeds of greatness inside of them. However, the right opportunity, and a safe holding environment, together with expert support, are all needed to unlock your potential.

Look no further. You have arrived at the right place at the right moment in time. Our team of expert Coaches are ready to transport you to your next level of excellence.

Coaching Impact: Unleash your potential and become the best version of yourself.

Coaching Process: Grow in self-awareness and unlock your inner leader.

Anticipated Outcomes


With mindfulness, release stress and improve your mental and physical health.


Improve your boundaries and increase your self-esteem.


Grow in self-awareness and unlock your inner leader.


Grow as a person and a leader and influence effortlessly and


Trust yourself more and improve all your relationships.

“I am now more self-aware and have learnt practical steps about how to work with my blindspots.  My coach was a great sounding board and cheerleader. I now have the tools, skills and resources to manage my inner critic, which is true freedom! The gift of mindfulness taught me how to work with my breathe.  It taught me how to be kinder to myself and these days I feel calm and confident.  Thank you so much for this experience.  I will not trade it for anything in the world.” USAID Manager.

Leadership and Executive Coaching:  4 Packages on offer

Platinum Premium Package: An 18-month programme.

Sixteen (16) sessions X 90 Minutes.

Golden Coaching Programme: A 12-month programme.

Ten (10) Sessions x 90 Minutes each.

Elite Accelerator

(For high achievers who are keen to reach their coaching outcomes within the shortest period of time.) A 6-month Programme. Six (6) sessions × 3-hour sessions = A total of 18 hours.

Hybrid Coaching model

A 12-month program, with 10 sessions. Small group coaching, with Depth Coach Alicia Limited spaces available, so do hurry up to secure your place.

Free 40 minute complimentary coaching session on offer.